Potentiometer 10k without mechanical stop

VAT included

Potentiometer 10k 360° without mechanical stop

Model Sakae FCP22E

Electrical range 320°


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The FCP22E potentiometers are without mechanical stop. This prevents them from breaking if the motor runs nonstop.

The potentiometers mounted on the motors allow to know the exact position of the cranks and thus to send this value to the Arduino which will process the information. We can say that they are position sensors in this case.

They are 10kOhm which is recommended to be used with Arduino boards, Teensy, etc ...

The electric range is 320 ° (+/- 5%)

20 Items

Data sheet

30 g
10 k
Electric rotation angle
Mechanical rotation
360° (endless)


Datasheet FCP22E

Download (137.07k)

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